Ibari Ogwa Entertainment World Presents LOVE & LAFF Season 1!!


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Ibari Ogwa Entertainment World in conjunction with Ibari Kitchen presents..

LOVE & LAFF Season 1!!
Tuesday 14th – Sunday 19th February, 3PM.

Lots of prizes/gifts to be won such as life fowls and goats in differential competitions like:
– Singing/Rap competition
– Eating competition
– Drinking competition
– Question & Answer competition!

Also be thrilled with:
-Comedy by;
Egbeigwe, Ominimi, Lafin Gas, Awilo, Banana Mouth, Uncle O etc..
-Performance by;
Stonecold & Onye Bobby, Acharaman, Nonny Dee, 2Black, Rini Hills, Zona Sax, Hope C etc..
-Dance by; Ice Babe, Masterpiece, HD Crew, Super Crew, Belinda Dancers etc..
Classic Live Band Performance by; Prof. Osubaba, Oxygen One Man Band, Wayu Melody and a lot more!!

Dj Oraprincee and Dj Kelly

Host – Mc Hash

Entrance economy class – Free!!
Business class – Get 1 Hazie Bitters Drink & 1 Juice

Location: #1 Ibari Ogwa, Boulevard, PH Road, New Owerri.



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