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Music they say, relaxes every thought in our mind; all of the stress factors leaves our mind when it is occupied with good lyrics and amazing music.
Music brings peace to us, no matter the kind of problem we are going through in life; music brings a lot of peace and harmony to the society.
It is based on this premise that DJ Bala created the concept, DJ BALA SOUND SPOT BLAST.
DJ Bala Sound Spot Blast is a private sector driven brand specifically designed to bring all the top DJs in south East Nigeria to annually thrill the masses with good music; an atmosphere where the entire Enugu metropolis ( the center of South East Nigeria) will be invaded with the best DJs and top artist in from this zone.
The DJ Bala Sound Spot Blast is another segment of DJ Bala shows that takes place at New Berries Park every Sunday.

1. To promote the art of DJ.
2. To promote the DJ industry in South East Nigeria.
3. To unite all the DJs in South East Nigeria.
4. To ease the stress people go through, via music.
5. To create a platform for upcoming musician to grow.


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