Video: Takura – Zino Irema @takurababy (Mp3/Mp4 Download)

Video: Takura – Zino Irema @takurababy (Mp3/Mp4 Download)

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Video: Takura – Zino Irema @takurababy

Soul Afrika is a Pop group that first broke onto the Zimbabwean music scene two years ago under the ABBRA Tribe umbrella.  Since releasing their debut effort Ndimi Derudo the duo of Takura and Tatenda Mathe seem to have moved on to form a close relationship with Kenako Music.  Now it seems the group are also trying their hand as solo acts.

In his new single Takura experiments with a different sound to what his fans may be accustomed with. The track Zino Irema is surprisingly very Hip Hop and features Takura on a trap beat blending rap verses and sung choruses as he sings about fake friends and a woman who doesn’t have any genuine interest in him outside of the superficial .

The video was directed by Zimbabwe’s premier director Andy Cutta and is a highly impressive offering that integrates studio and outdoor shots featuring Takura and his cohorts dabbing enthusiastically as they recite the sombre lyric

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