#Congo: Music: Rouge – Sheba Ngwan O (Prod. by Wichi 1080) @Rouge_Rapper

#Congo: Music: Rouge – Sheba Ngwan O (Prod. by Wichi 1080) @Rouge_Rapper – MusicAfric

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#Congo: Music: Rouge – Sheba Ngwan O (Prod. by Wichi 1080) @Rouge_Rapper

Watching the progress of Rouge’s career has made for interested viewing the talented Pretoria based rapper of Congolese descent has not enjoyed an easy path to success. She started off signed to Rockstar 4000 and when things didn’t work out (they rarely do over there, ask Xtatic) she shifted to Farah Fortune’s African Star Communications. It seems that Rouge may have parted ways and she is now going it alone. SHe has hinted that she is now going at it alone as an independent artist without PR in interviews

In her new single titled Sheba Ngwan O’ she hops on a Wichi1080 beat and raps

I’m too put together the haters gossiping can miss me

Wannabes all trying to diss diss me

But I’m to busy I just got my deal

Progression don’t ask me  no questions

I’ll tell you now deceit is my friend in this industry

I wonder which deal she referring to….. What we do know is she is now under David Gresham though the details of that arrangement are not clear as yet. We will try get Rouge in for a follow up interview to discuss everything that has happened since we last spoke.

Music: Rouge – Sheba Ngwan O (Prod. by Wichi 1080)

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