#ZambianMusic: Jay Rox – Glory Ft Tim (Thugga) @Jay Rox @Iam_Thugga

#ZambianMusic: Jay Rox – Glory Ft Tim (Thugga) @Jay Rox @Iam_Thugga – MusicAfric

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#ZambianMusic: Jay Rox – Glory Ft Tim (Thugga) @Jay Rox @Iam_Thugga

Last year, the news that Zone Fam was experiencing some possible troubles was met with a great collective sigh from some of us in the Zambian & Southern African hip hop media & fanbase. It is no secret that hip hop music  groups in general are very prone to differences be they creative, developmental or otherwise & with Zone Fam‘s long awaited follow up to their album “The Business” seeming to have stalled in the studio & one of their members was leaving the group in order to pursue a new direction with Gospel music many of us, including myself worried that we’d never get to hear the

Fans were reassured that the split was amicable but there wasn’t any proof of that until cameos in Dope G‘s My Hair video showed that there was still a good relationship between the artists. Now we have reason to celebrate because the award winning Jay Rox just released evidence that we can look forward to more collaborations between our favourite Zone Fam artists.

Roxa keeps to his recent dancehall-esque delivery on this & brings us a very special treat indeed both in the visuals with the video having been shot at a water purification plant & the first verse we’ve had the privilege to hear since ThuggaTim left Zone Fam. Quite simply it doesn’t matter what the content is, Tim spits flames.

This is the first offering from his upcoming project LUSAKA that Roxa says will drop on New Years day 2017. In fact because of an extremely kind Jay Rox who allowed me a quick early listen to some of the material he’s working on; we can definitely look forward to a good project from him.

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