#Nigeria: Music: Zoro- Ogene (Remix) ft. Flavour, Lil Kesh & YCee @zoroswagbag (Mp3/Mp4 Download)

#Nigeria: Music: Zoro- Ogene (Remix) ft. Flavour, Lil Kesh & YCee @zoroswagbag (Mp3/Mp4 Download)

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#Nigeria: Music: Zoro- Ogene (Remix) ft. Flavour, Lil Kesh & YCee @zoroswagbag

It is by our culture that we, Igbos, are given our identity among comity of ethnicity all over the world, and that is why we, as Igbo people, collectively work together to preserve the Igbo culture and traditions. A tribe without a strong cultural base will go into extinction sooner than later. It is because we consciously and unconsciously socialize our children to live their individual lives in line with Igbo cultural leanings that we can safely claim that Igbo culture will survive the trend of globalization and the wiping away of national sovereignties and cultural identities in the information age that we’re part of.

Igbo culture is the sum-total of what we do as Igbo people; how we live our lives, how we eat our foods, what we wear on our bodies as clothes or accessories, what we are known for, the songs we sing to one another, the music we make to express ourselves, the belief system we hold dear to our hearts, and our collective behavior and attitude towards life.

Ogene is not just an instrument, it is a genre on It’s own right, a sound, a representation of various entities that make our culture beautiful. It is by far a massive part of what makes us who we are and we are not about to let it go extinct.

Ogene is present in 5 of the most respected aspects of Igbo culture from Igbankwu, Omumu na Igu Aha, Echimechi, Akwamozu, to Mmanwu.

Zoro is an Igbo rapper who with the help help of Flavour has resonated the sound into popculture, now it is considered hip to dance to Ogene.

Unity is also an important key to development and with the aid of Lil Kesh and Ycee, our brothers from the west can also embrace the Ogene sound.

Download and enjoy this masterpiece.

Zoro – Ogene  (Remix) ft. Flavour, Lil Kesh & YCee

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