#Nigeria: Music: Dj Loopy – Stainless Mixtape ft Zoro

Dj Loopy – Stainless Mixtape ft Zoro

Some DJ Mixtapes are filled with flaws… Some are filled with irregularities. However, some are absolutely fantastic and a great pleasure to listen to.
If it’s flawless… If it’s spotless… If it’s got no irregularities… Then my dear friends, that mixtape can be said to be STAINLESS!

That’s what DJ Loopy brings to you this time… A STAINLESS mixtape mixed in the early hours of the morning when the air sleeps quietly and every sound can be heard and regulated to perfection!

Download this STAINLESS mixtape, share it and just you wait patiently… For more will come… More will definitely come from the Decks of DJ Loopy!

But for the moment… Enjoy this one!

Music: Dj Loopy – Stainless Mixtape ft Zoro

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