#Burundi: Music: Big Fizzo – Unstoppable (Prod By D Touch) @BigFarlouz


big fizo - #Burundi: Music: Big Fizzo - Unstoppable (Prod By D Touch) @BigFarlouz

From Bazza to Indoro he showed these fans that he is the best of himself, proving the Rwandese that this rhythm is better.

Born in Burundi, Desire Mugani began his career in the mid-1990s, while performing choreographies by MC hummer in dance performances. When the rap exploded the musical world towards the years 1992, it will be one of young Burundi to appropriates this style rap. It is in Kenya that he made these first pat of his career with his song Sitopenda tena, but the piece that gave him success this Mambo ju ya mambo. Toward 2000-2010 this man does not stop there, and thumb his luck very far in making other song that has cardboard and carton that today in his country and outside of his country.

He is the king of the Burundian musical rhythm, 26 years of the huge quarries working of this guy Desire Mugani aka Big Fizzo.

Music: Big Fizzo – Unstoppable (Prod By D Touch) 


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