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WATERFALLS, HARARE – April 06, 2017. – Kudakwashe Ndingindi, popularly
known as Yungadonis, will be releasing his brand new single – Six.
The self-proclaimed “Waterfalls Very Own” rapper picks up where he left off on his previous and infamous release of Creed.
The track commences with an audio extract from arguably the most iconic and greatest film ever made, Mario Puzo’s – The Godfather.
The dexterous emcee takes conceptualized music to a whole new level. How he relates to Michael Corleone’s (played by Al Pacino) consolidation of power is just incredible.
“This record literally kicks ass. This is the type of joint that gets Bruce Li resurrected. My vision and that of my producer was in sync on this gem. God created the world in 6 days and 7 is a number that symbolizes completion. My penultimate is someone’s Ultimate do the math bro. Less tweeting and more scheming man. Preservation of art bro no lie”, retorted the rapper.

And in typical fashion Yungadonis is the producer of Six and argues that he is one of the most complete artists of his generation.

The new single will be released via his online platforms on the 6th of
April. This is Yungadonis’ first release for 2017.
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Music:  YoungAdonis – Six

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