#Tanzania: Mixtape: George Gavin – Before We Die @GeorgexGavin

George Gavin is a 22 year old rap artist coming from Tanzania with a refreshing new sound he and his contemporaries have dubbed as “New Bongo Fleva”. He has been known for his affiliations with the Baressalaam movement and the half of the rap duo PG18 also hailing from Tanzania. Though rap is his means of creating music, he hails himself a “Poet That Raps”

This is showcased in his latest offering, his 13 track project entitled Before We Die. This is a concept project as well as a poem, it is a triple entendre and and follows the themes of young and reckless love. This project features production from Freeman, Stve, EreqBeats, Mr Carmack, Coubo, Mars, Domi Beats & P+A. Excluding the production credit given to Mr Carmack and Coubo, this project is primarily produced by East African producers giving it a unique but still very homegrown sound.

Enjoy the new sound of the East


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