Video: IcePrince Totally Against The Sabc & 90% Rule : Great For South Africa, Bad For Everyone Else


Earlier this week Vuzu sat down with Nigerian artist Ice Prince while he was in South Africa for a brief interview. During the chat, Dash asked what Ice Prince thought of the new 90% rule implemented by Hlaudi Motsoeneng and the SABC. Unsurprisingly, Ice Prince was totally against the notion and then tried to use a poorly constructed argument centered around the fact that even Mandela needed to work with the rest of world to succeed and gain recognition as one of Africa’s most recognizable faces against oppression.

The interview ended and cameras crossed back to the V Entertainment studio where the show’s anchor host DJ Speedsta expressed how much he disagreed with Ice Prince’s sentiments.

From my vantage point, both artists are right, but for very selfishly motivated reasons.  The SABC’s new mandate, though progressive, also has a number of negative implications that extend beyond South Africa’s borders.

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