Runtown Performs In Oakland, California Despite U.S Court Injunction

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First, he was slammed with an injunction from a Nigerian court of law, stopping him from recording or performing or recording new songs except permitted by his estranged label, Eric Manny.

Then a US court slammed him with same injunction, stopping him from performing at a live event amongst other things. However, Runtown, seems to be having none of it.

The ‘Lagos to Kampala’ crooner, kept to the promise he made to his fans in Oakland, by performing at a gig he had already been booked for. apparently the court injuction didnt get to him, and he can perform until the injuction is collected or acknowledged receipt by Him, Until then..

Watch his performance in Oakland:

Runtown alongside all the parties involved are to meet in court come June 14th, in New York.

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