#SouthAfricaVideo : Tuks Senganga – Kontle @TuksSenganga_ZA


Tuks has always been my favourite South African rapper. To this day, no album has knocked me off my feet the way that Mafoko A Me did. It for the first time really showed me the power of the African rapper telling African stories in an African tongue using this medium that we appropriated from the Americas.
Tuks was always so powerful to me because he managed to use Setswana (representative of any African vernacular) in a way that I couldn’t believe at the time. I had Tuks‘ first album on repeat for the better part of its year of release & that was despite the fact that I couldn’t understand 90% of what the man said.

Alright, now that my fan moment is over; Tuks is back. An official video for ‘Kontle’is in the works. Let us all cross our fingers for a new album.

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